Why Schools Need, and Benefit from, a Website

Marketing is part of life, and as well as for businesses, it is also useful for public services. Schools are a prime example of a necessity that can use marketing to help raise their profile. Before the pandemic, a school website and the way that a school used the internet was drastically different to how it is today. With the closure of schools all over the world, schools had to use the internet more in order to teach children who were at home. This is partly what changed how schools started to see their websites, and the internet in general, and there was a realisation that they could utilise the internet more than they had done previously.

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Of course, this doesn’t apply to all schools, but generally, the pandemic saw a surge in people realising how much more the internet could do for them, and schools were among those. Having a well designed website by a company like this fsedesign.co.uk/websites-for-schools/primary-school-websites who specialises in primary school websites, is no longer a luxury, it is more of a necessity nowadays.

The marketing aspect is an important part of your school website. The internet is most likely going to be the first port of call for the vast majority of parents who are looking for a school for their child, and it is your website that can really showcase your school and get across to parents the values that the school holds, and what life is like at the school.

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In addition to this, a school website is also a useful learning tool. No longer do teachers need to send worksheets home with kids, and instead they can set homework on the school website which the children can access at home, making it impossible for kids to lose their homework sheets! It can also be used to recap lessons and provide learning aids for children.

It is a brilliant resource for parents too, allowing them to look at an online calendar or noticeboard and get information that they need. From choosing and paying for school meals, to dates and itineraries of school trips and school events, it makes life much easier for parents to organise when they are able to quickly find the information that they need.

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